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Car Loan


For enabling salaried persons and self employed professional/ Businessmen /  Income tax assesses  to acquire new cars availing of advances, with moderate rates of interest.

Who can avail the loan?

a.          Salaried persons having a net monthly pay exceeding Rs. 10,000/-.  Husband and wife can be considered as one unit.
             Net salary of  spouse if employed can be considered for arriving at the net pay.

b.          Self employed Professionals/Businessmen/Income Tax Assessee having an average annual total income exceeding
             Rs. 2,00,000/- for the last 3-years.

For Identity Proof

a.          Loan applicant to produce any of the following:

PAN Card / Electoral Identity Card / Driving Licence / Passport / Identity Card issued by the employer.

     b.     In the case of Professionals- Certificate issued by the concerned      Professional Body along with a copy.

Limit of Advance

a.                  In the case of salaried persons:

 Least of the following:

          (1)          85% of the on the road cost of the vehicle (on the road cost means aggregate of cost of vehicle, life tax paid,
                         registration charges and comprehensive insurance).

          (2)          30 times the combined net monthly salary of loan applicant and    spouse.

         (3)           Corresponding loan amount if 45% of the combined net monthly salary of applicant and spouse is taken as available for
                         remittance as EMI.

b.     In the case of Income Tax Assessees:

                   The least of the following:

          (1)          85% of 'on the road cost' as above.

           (2)     1 1/2 times of the average annual total income for the past three years based on the income tax returns.

           (3)     Corresponding loan amount if 25% of the average monthly total income as evidenced by the tax returns is taken as
                     available for remittance of EMI.


No collateral

Lien to be noted in the RC book

Post dated cheques 5 numbers.

Period of Loan

Minimum 6 months and maximum 60 months.

Rate of Interest

Upto 35 months                            -          12.00%   (monthly diminishing)

Exceeding 35 months                   -          14.00% (monthly diminishing)

To avail this facility, please check our branch list and get in touch with the branch
which is most convenient for you.


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