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Now NRI's can also join in Chitties
Government of Kerala had, vide G.O.(MS)No.136/2015/TD dt 29-07-2015, permitted KSFE to enroll NRI's in chitty conducted by the company. This is as per Government of India gazette notification no. 227 dt 13-04-2015.
Help Desk Numbers:
Trivandrum Region (Asst.General Manager - 9447792222, Senior Manager - 9447797877)
Kollam Region (Asst.General Manager - 9447793333, Senior Manager - 9447711170)
Kottayam Region (Asst.General Manager - 9446138888 , Senior Manager - 9447261000)
Ernakulam Region (Asst.General Manager - 9447794444, Senior Manager - 9447794567)
Thrissur Region (Asst.General Manager - 9447795555, Senior Manager - 9446174000)
Kozhikode Region (Asst.General Manager - 9447796666, Senior Manager - 9447797900)
Kannur Region (Asst.General Manager - 9446137777, Senior Manager - 9447167000)

Who Conducts a Chitty?

A Chitty is conducted by a person or an institution and this entity is called the foreman.

In the case of KSFE Chitties, KSFE is the foreman.

What is a Chitty?
A chitty is basically a contract between the foreman and the Subscribers.

As per the contract, each subscriber agrees to remit a fixed amount of money every month for a number of months.

How many tickets can be enrolled in each chitty?
The number of tickets enrolling in a chitty will be equal to the number of months for which the remittance have to be made or the duration of chitty in months.

What is Chitty “Prize Money”?

The total of the periodic subscription, called the chitty amount, will be given out as “prize money” to the person who bids by allowing for the maximum reduction in the prize money.

The maximum reduction possible is 25% as per the prevailing Chitty Act and if there are more than one subscriber interested in bidding at 25% reduction, the numbers of the such bidders will be put to a draw.

Thus each subscriber gets an opportunity to receive the prize money once during the tenure of the chitty.

All the promoters have to contribute the periodic subscription till the end of the chitty.

Foreman’s Commission

The foreman is entitled to a certain percentage of the chitty amount (not more than 5% of the chitty amount) as his commission from each member

How many tickets can one subscribe in a single chitty?

Maximum number of tickets one can subscribe is limited to 10% of the total number of tickets of that chitty, subject to approval by Foreman.

Services rendered.

The Company has appointed daily door collection agent who will come and collect the amount towards monthly instalment daily from a subscriber’s office/ residence. Customer can remit the chitty instalment in any of the Branches of KSFE.

How can one enroll in a chitty?

A person can enroll in a chitty either by visiting the Branch or through the agents of KSFE. You may either click the feed-back or directly ring to any one of the Branches which is nearer to your location. For finding the list of Branches you may go to the menu (BRANCHES)

Participation in the auction

A subscriber can participate in the auction, which will be conducted in the Branch where the chitty pertains to, either in person or through proxy.


A subscriber can authorize the concerned branch manager to be a proxy to his ticket by signing on a proxy form specifying the amount up to which the ticket has to be bid. This proxy will be valid for a maximum of 12 months. Alternatively subscriber can authorize any person, above 18 years of age, to participate in any of the auctions by forwarding a proxy form duly signed and stamped in the format prescribed at the last page of passbook.

What are the Securities Acceptable for Payment of Prize Money?

The types of security acceptable for chitty prize money payment, belong to various categories like personal sureties (of employees of Government, aided schools, public undertakings, banks etc.), financial documents (like fixed deposits with banks and reputed organizations, Deposit-in-Trust, LIC policies, bank guarantees, National Savings Certificates etc.), Sugama Security, landed property or Gold ornaments.

Liability waiver

  The Liability waiver scheme is limited to special campaign chitty. Both prized and non-prized can avail this benefit subject to conditions.

For more details please click (SECURITIES).


To avail this facility, please check our branch list and get in touch with the branch
which is most convenient for you.

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