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Fixed Deposit

Is it like any other fixed scheme?

Yes and No. Yes, because it has many features of the FDs in banks. No, because the returns are comparatively higher and because the effective returns are really higher than the published interest rates, because of monthly payment of interest (in the case of all other institutions, the interest is paid quarterly).

What will be my returns?

The annual interest rate in case of deposits from the public is 7.00% per annum.Interest for chitty prize money deposits is 7.50% per annum. Due to the monthly payment of interest, the effective rate will be higher than this rate. Senior citizen* will get 8.00 % for fresh deposits

What advantage can I expect by way of returns, when compared to FDs of other reputed financial institutions?

The returns are much higher than that offered by any reputed financial institution, the highest interest rate offered by nationalized and scheduled banks

Loan facility

Normally 75% of the fixed deposit amount can be availed as loan. This facility is called Fixed Deposit Loan. In exceptional cases loan upto 90% can be sanctioned by the branch manager using discretionary power. Interest for the loan is 2% above the rate of interest on Fixed Deposit.

Fixed Deposit is accepted as security for loan/advance schemes of the company.

*Criteria for being Senior Citizen - All persons who attains the age of 56 years on the date of deposit will be considered as Senior Citizens.

To avail this facility, please check our branch list and get in touch with the branch
which is most convenient for you.

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