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Kanakadhara Loan

The scheme aims at providing loan for purchasing gold ornaments for marriage purposes. All persons eligible to enter into a contract under the Indian Contract Act are eligible for the loan, provided the loanee has repaying capacity and produces security which is sufficient and acceptable to the Company as per the norms in vogue. As this loan is given only for marriage purposes, genuine proof of the same should be produced to the satisfaction of the company. The loanee will be given opportunity to purchase BIS .916 Hallmarked gold ornaments from reputed Jewellers who are approved by the Company on the basis of their application, and scrutiny and Goodwill of the Jewellers.

Loan Amount

The maximum amount of loan will be 90% of the invoice price subject to maximum Rs.3,00,000/- and minimum Rs.25,000/-.

Administration Cost

Administration cost will be charged @ 1% of the advance, subject to minimum of Rs.250/- and maximum of Rs.1000/-.
Rate of Interest

The normal rate of interest is 12% diminishing. In case of default, the rate will be 13% (diminishing).

Repayment Period

The loanee will be given option to select repayment period ranging from 12 months to 60 months.


In our, society, Gold Ornaments are an inevitable ingredient for marriages in any community. Very often, it is found difficult to purchase quality gold ornaments at the time of marriage due to lack of adequate fund or credit purchase facilities. Thus the scheme will be of great blessing to such families to grace the marriage occasions.

To avail this facility, please check our branch list and get in touch with the branch
which is most convenient for you.

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